Why Estimates

  • 1. Understand your project costs from the start to avoid revisions later.
  • Discovering mistakes later on during the building phase of your project can be devastating and potentially cause the entire project to fall over. By having an accurate estimate confirmed prior to commencing your project, you will understand all of the costs involved and be aware of any potential mishaps well before they ever occur.

    All of our costings are independent and unbiased – meaning you will know the real answers and not just the answers that the builder wants to give you.

  • 2. Experienced in providing accurate and efficient estimates.
  • With over 25 years experience and having quoted on thousands of projects from small renovations to large unit developments – we have the knowledge to ensure that your project is accurately estimated.

    We are hard-working, committed to deadlines and easy to correspond with – so you won’t be left in the dark regarding the progress of any aspect of your estimate.

  • 3. Avoid having to go back to the bank during your project.
  • Being forced to go back to the bank during your project is something that you never want to do. As well as the risk that the bank may say no, there can also be extensive additional bank fees, valuation fees as well as re-budgeting and stress.

    There can also be risks that in case a progressive valuation is lower than the original valuation – the bank may decline further finance and restrict you from borrowing enough to fully complete your project.

  • 4. Get a fully itemized estimate of your costs.
  • An estimate from WhatsItCost will include allocations for all of your building products, materials and labour. On top of this, we also provide estimates for council fees and any other compliance related fees that you may encounter along the way.

  • 5.Get the best prices from an unbiased source.
  • We are a completely unbiased third-party that will provide you with the best prices from the best providers to purchase your materials from. This is beneficial as we will take the time to shop around for you and our advanced estimating software allows us to do this quickly and efficiently.

    Most builders quoting on projects will simply lean to their preferred suppliers or suppliers that are more convenient for them. Our job is to make sure that you get best deal for your project.


"We often use Whatsitcost for both our own projects and refer clients to use this service. It is prompt and professional and gives us a good third party to refer to for building estimates and costs." Patrick, Hobart, TAS



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